Monday, January 19, 2009

Priesthood Vocations Retreat

Seven young men from the parish recently participated in a weekend discernment retreat for young men considering the priesthood.  Over 50 young men from the Diocese of San Juan de La Maguana participated.  

I didn't pressure any of these young men to participate - I just made the announcement at the weekend Masses and they each told me that they are sincerely considering becoming priests.  

Two weeks after the retreat I hosted a dinner for them at the rectory so that we could talk about their experience.  These are some of the "cool" kids in Bánica and so it was inspiring to hear them speak sincerely of their interest in the priesthood.  Most of them spoke of the aspiration to be a man who preaches and who helps others.  (Priests in this region dedicate themselves not only to sacramental ministry but also do a lot of community organizing and working with public works projects.)  

Please pray for them: their names are Hanibal, Lewis, Joel, Sterling, Nito, Nuno, and Mello.  (Two more wanted to participate but were unable: Martire and Macho.)